FULL SOUR pickle

This is our best selling Pickle.

Some of you who grew up in the city or a place that had Kosher Delis would remember this Pickle being in a barrel and would make you start to drool just by looking at it, you would get one, take a bite and would just pucker up. A lot of Garlic and a lot of Dill, totally lost its cucumber taste. 


like no other

No bitter taste here, sweetened just the perfect amount. If you like Sourkraut you will love ours.

pickled tomatoes

a unique taste

A firm green Tomato, pickled in a full sour brine we end up with an awesome tasting garlic flavored Tomato.

hot and spicey

a favorite for heat seekers

Made with our Half Sour Pickle, I add some crushed hot peppers, and within 24 hours we have a Half Sour Pickle with a little zip, not too hot, but the longer it sits the hotter it gets.

other products

Bread and butter chips, marinated mushrooms, sweet gherkins

               Horseradish pickles will be back 

HALF SOUR or New pickle

this one is our second best seller

If you have sat down to have a sandwich at a Deli, or Diner and were given a Pickle spear with your sandwich, it was a Pickle like this, cold crunchy garlic flavored cucumber.